VAT Return Filing Services

As per the Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures, a taxable person needs to submit a VAT return in UAE with the information and data specified for Tax purpose in accordance with the form, specified by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Every taxable person is required to submit the VAT Return for each Tax period within the time prescribed by the FTA and this must be in accordance with the provisions of the UAE VAT law. The taxable person is also liable to remit the tax due to the FTA within the time frame specified by the UAE VAT Law.


Our Tax professionals in McRobart Associates FZE can support you in the following areas:

  • We will visit your office on a periodical basis (weekly/month) to compile the information for filing the VAT Return. At the end of each VAT return period, we prepare the VAT return of behalf of your company in accordance with the provisions of UAE VAT law

  • We ensure that the VAT returns are filed within the specified time in each tax period.

  • Proper guidance for the payment of Minimal Tax Liability as per the provisions of the UAE VAT Law.

  • Optimal Tax Planning for the company.

  • To represent in front of the authority on behalf of you as and when required.

McRobart Associates FZE assures best VAT Return Filing Services across UAE. For more information please contact our following representatives: